Get Writing – Know Your History

H is forHistory

I will be honest with you and tell you the truth, I never really liked the subject of history in school. I struggled with memorizing names of people, locations and dates just like most of my classmates.

As an adult I’m liking anything based on real historical events. I even like the idea of altered history. As a writer constantly looking for writing ideas, history is one of the best places to look. Historical events can be used as the backdrop or a main character in your story that keeps a reader engaged while tracking your characters in an established place and time.

If you’re like me and you prefer to right about the future you may think that history doesn’t have a lot to offer but you’d be wrong. Some authors are traveling through time and need a representation of both the past and future. Some writers are using actual historical events and putting similar events in a futuristic place. Another one of my favorites is putting historical people into futuristic settings or vice versa.

Writing Exercise: Pick any historical event recent or distant and make that the backdrop for your story or your principal character. 

 History has tons to offer. How do you incorporate history in your writing, if at all? Tell me what you think about the relationship between history and writing below.

Now, no more excuses, get writing!

This post is a part of the  A to Z challenge to see more tips on how to Get Writing click here.
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9 thoughts on “Get Writing – Know Your History

  1. I was the same, though I did like some of the history. I want to one day write a historical romance but am terrified of getting the details wrong. One day I’ll get there :) Good luck with the A-Z challenge.

  2. I never liked history either until I had a fabulous history teacher in 9th grade that told us where the Ring-Around-The-Rosie came from time of the black death. It wasn’t about dates and wars at that point. And I love historical fiction as I usually learn something from history while being entertained. You are doing awesome on the A-Z Challenge.

  3. My degree is in history, and history was always my favorite subject in school. I’ve been writing historical fiction for about 25 years now, since age eight, and for over 21 years now, I’ve settled into writing 20th century historicals. I’m rather annoyed at the apparent fad for Gossip Girl in period clothes “historicals” these days. I don’t read historical to see essentially modern characters in costumes and talking about a few current events of yesteryear!

  4. I have been thinking about an alternate history piece, but so far it is just an idea. I do have another on a page titled vote on which short to expand on my site.

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